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The Help - Kathryn Stockett

This book is amazing. It shows that no one has a right to judge by color. This book is very moving it shows that not everyone is mean to the helpers.  The Help is a great book i recomend that everyone should read this book it is great. This book helps people understand that everyone can be nice to one another. But there will always be those people that are against diffrent colors doing their own thing.

30 Places You’d Rather Be Sitting Right Now

There's so many places I would want to visit, and admittedly, seeing few of them made my heart squeeze with longing. More awesome, beautiful escapes here.

Sunken alcove garden in NZ

Middlesex - Jeffrey Eugenides

I just started to read this book so I can't tell you much about it. This book is confusing at first but you figure it out later in the book. This book tells you about the grandparents first. The story of the grandparents explains why the book is called middle sex. And no this book is not all about sex, they are talking about the gender sex. This book is very interesting its hard for me to put this book down. If you want a book that is kinda long but also keeps you interested.

Icons - Margaret Stohl

Okay I loved this book. This book is about how the icons "gods" that invade the Earth. No one knows who the icons are, but they find out at the end of the book. This book is more for people that like action and romance. Their are only a few people that survive from the icons invading the earth. Everyone dies except like 3,000 people. their are 13 kids that are all the same age and have the same birthday on the same day and year. These are the youngest people on Earth. These kids have powers basically, they can stand more than a normal human can. These kids are the Icons, they all have a symbol of their different abilities. There is water, fire, wind, electricity and more. These kids have to destroy the mother of all the icons and only the Icon children are able to enter the zone of the mother icon. Any human that tries die before they reach the mother icon.


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Play Me - Laura Ruby

This book is about a guy that is making a t.v. show. He and his friends enter a contest to win half a million dollars and a garentee show slot on MTV. The main guy of this book is a player he sleeps with a lot of girls and plays with their feelings. Until Eddy meets a girl named Lucinda and the tables are turned she plays Eddy and Eddy falls in love with her only to get his heart broken. Lucinda takes her time to make Eddy fall in love with her just so he knows how it is to be played.

The Anonymous Diary Collection: Lucy in the Sky; Letting Ana Go; The Book of David - Anonymous Anonymous

This book has to be one of the most amazing books i have ever read i love the books from anyonumous. This book is about a girl who's life goes from boring to, an adventure with drugs, alcohol, partying, and sex. Lucy meets the new kids to town and they bring her down this long scary adventure with acid exstacy and cocaine. When Lucy meets Ross she falls in love with him and he takes her to a party and she meets Laurine. And Laurine tells Lucy that Ross is gay. Ross intruduces Lucy to a guy named Blake and they hit it off and the party's begin. Blake and Lucy have a thing going on, Blake and Laurine do something that changes the whole story and Lucy hates them. That is where i am at im am not done with the book just yet. But this book is a very fun and exciting book.

Water for Elephants - Sara Gruen

This book is a very mind moving book i enjoy it so far all i want to do is read this book constantly i cant stop but i honestly think that who ever enjoys mind moving books this would be the perfect book for you.

The Truth About Alice - Jennifer Mathieu

This book is one of the most amazing books I have read. When i first started reading this book I thought it was going to really lame. But when you get into the book and you finish this book you almost want to see if there is more connected to this book. I am in this moment trying to see if this great author is writing a sequal to this book. I would love to own this book and I garantee who reads this book will love it. If I love this book who else wouldn't I mean its a great book. I would say that everyone would love this book, you can learn a good lesson from this book. I felt very bad for Alice but if she hasn't gone through all this she wouldn't know what she knows now. Read this book its great.

2 Days - L.B. Tillit

 This book is about a girls whose mom had kicked out because her mother's boyfriend was touching her. This girl goes to her boyfriends and she forgot to pack her birth control. It was two days that she was gone from her mothers house,and that was were the birth control was. So she had her boyfriend at that time take her home and she would sneak in and get her birth control. When she got inside her mothers boyfriend wasn't there until he heard someone in the apartment. Because he works right under the apartment. He saw this woman in his home so he tries to get her all alone in the apartment but the boyfriend of this young lady walks up into the apartment. And he noticed that her mothers boyfriend was all in her space.So her boyfriend gets her out of the position she was in and they ran. When this young lady a week later found out her period was supposed to start it didn't so she goes and lives with her aunt. She finds out she is pregnant with her ex boy friends baby. Of course he does not believe her, that this beautiful baby is his.  After a while his family found out about the baby and they don't like the idea of this girl having their sons baby.

Edge of Ready - L.B. Tillit

During this book this woman's mother is her whole life. Until her mother has a baby boy. Everything started to become harder through life. Her mother has always told her school is first. When her mother started to ask her everyday to watch her baby brother until her mom gets off work. Well she started to fail school the school asked if she would do other options for school. She took night classes from 5-9 pm. One night the young charctor got off the bus and started walking towards the school and a guy she knew tried to knock her out. She was rapped that night. She was found on the side of the road by the brother of the attacker. He knew something was wrong and got there to late. But they later find out the attacker's sister is a prostatute for the attacker. He was having her work for him ever since she was little like 13 or younger. The attacker was taken to jail for a prostutution ring and the rape charge. He was not going to be let out for some long time.

Break - Hannah Moskowitz

This book tells alot of what is going in this young mans head. He goes from just a normal life to where he has to protect his brother from dying. His brother is literally allergic to anything and everything. They have a baby brother that cries from day to night and he never stops until later in the book the main character takes him outside on halloween night. This young man has to break his bones he always have an urge to break toes femers jaw bones anything. His partner video tapes the whole thing and she watches it and tell him that he made a great video. And what is next to break, he soon realizes that he shouldn't do this anymore he is getting tired of being a bargin to his family and friends by always being broken. So he tells everyone he is done breaking when little does he know he has an infection and it is poisoning him slowly. He goes a little nuts after a few months. He gets sent to a syc ward and he has to stay there to prove that he is no harm to himself or others. When everyone finds out why he is there, they start to break. They want to get out so if they break they can go home so thats what they do. Then the main guy gets all the blame that he is forcing them to break. One day he escapes and that day he found out he had an infection. 

The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls

This book is about a young woman she tells her long life story. She tells us why she's embarrassed by her mother and father. She has a lot to tell about her father she loves him but this man is a little bit crazy. He always wants to move when things get bad. He and his wife don't believe in hospitals like they are useless. They believe children should run free and be themselves. But little did they know they wanted a better life for the whole family but their father would be drinking the money away with booze or doing his "inventions". These kids needed a better life but they make it through. Their mother only cared about her art dreams. She was all up into the art world she never noticed that her children were off diving in the trash cans for food and recyclables so they can get some money for food. These kids have lived in the desert with barely anyone around to Phoenix Arizona filled with people and growing population. They moved to Phoenix Because their Grandma Sue had passed away and their mother inherented one of the houses that her Mother had owned and she got a great sum of money to go along with the house. Thats when things take a twist. Their family started to act like a family and they had food in the fridge and they had bikes and clothes and they had hot lunches when they got to school. But everything is slowly but surely going to what it was before no food no money nothing. And on the run again.

The Book of the Law - Aleister Crowley, Rose Edith Crowley

I've read this a year ago so i'm a little rusty. Okay "Love is the law, love under will." This is what I've seen for years so the female is 767 and the male is 676. You always need to get this right if your in this kind of work you have to give your life to this world that is controlled by demons and the devil and such. You have to work constantly on how to improve everyday with the Law of this book. This book is what started me out I am not a saint I am a atheist. My father is a christian but I like to look at everything in different ways i am everything in one i am and always will be everything I am the boss of my life. I do not worship the Devil we are friends. I do not worship God but we are friends. I am friends with every god and everyone on this planet I will be known as Mermaid. I take my life seriously I will not let you or anyone get in my way this book helps you choose your path in life if you pick the Devil people will call you a saint if you go for God you are called a holy man or woman. Then there is me and many people that don't call ourselves anything we are the unknown we believe anything life throws at us read this book to understand what i'm saying.

A Piece of Cake - Cupcake Brown

This book Is amazing you learn what people go through. This book was very shocking at first. I wanted to stop reading it but I was interisted in what happens to this girl. I was afraid she would get in more problems but I enjoyed seeing the world from her eyes. I would love to talk to this woman in person because she seems to spike my interist in the world around me. I believe that no body should go through this stuff alone you would need help with all this and deffinetly need someone to talk to about it. I love this book so far and I cant wait to read the rest.

Rumble - Ellen Hopkins

This book is not like the other books Ellen Hopkins writes. This book is very different I never read books about faith and love together but I thought that this book should really have a second book. At the end of the book it left me hanging I wanted to know what happen to his uncle and his family. You can tell that the main character Matthew had depression problems. His little brother Luke committed suicide in his bedroom because everyone was judging him cause he was gay. There is no problem with same sex couples they are the same as everyone else. You learn lots of stuff in this book, you may not believe in god or whatever but this book proves if you believe in yourself then you can conquer anything and everything. It proves if you are into same genders as you show it proudly don't let anyone tell you that your a queer or any other names. Just tell them I know I am and i'm proud of it. That'll be hard to do but don't show them your weak you will be and always be a strong person. Like in the book everyone may judge but they only do it because they are idiots and have no couth. If I were you give this book a try its pretty good I have learned a lot from this book.