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Icons - Margaret Stohl

Okay I loved this book. This book is about how the icons "gods" that invade the Earth. No one knows who the icons are, but they find out at the end of the book. This book is more for people that like action and romance. Their are only a few people that survive from the icons invading the earth. Everyone dies except like 3,000 people. their are 13 kids that are all the same age and have the same birthday on the same day and year. These are the youngest people on Earth. These kids have powers basically, they can stand more than a normal human can. These kids are the Icons, they all have a symbol of their different abilities. There is water, fire, wind, electricity and more. These kids have to destroy the mother of all the icons and only the Icon children are able to enter the zone of the mother icon. Any human that tries die before they reach the mother icon.