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The Anonymous Diary Collection: Lucy in the Sky; Letting Ana Go; The Book of David - Anonymous Anonymous

This book has to be one of the most amazing books i have ever read i love the books from anyonumous. This book is about a girl who's life goes from boring to, an adventure with drugs, alcohol, partying, and sex. Lucy meets the new kids to town and they bring her down this long scary adventure with acid exstacy and cocaine. When Lucy meets Ross she falls in love with him and he takes her to a party and she meets Laurine. And Laurine tells Lucy that Ross is gay. Ross intruduces Lucy to a guy named Blake and they hit it off and the party's begin. Blake and Lucy have a thing going on, Blake and Laurine do something that changes the whole story and Lucy hates them. That is where i am at im am not done with the book just yet. But this book is a very fun and exciting book.