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Rumble - Ellen Hopkins

This book is not like the other books Ellen Hopkins writes. This book is very different I never read books about faith and love together but I thought that this book should really have a second book. At the end of the book it left me hanging I wanted to know what happen to his uncle and his family. You can tell that the main character Matthew had depression problems. His little brother Luke committed suicide in his bedroom because everyone was judging him cause he was gay. There is no problem with same sex couples they are the same as everyone else. You learn lots of stuff in this book, you may not believe in god or whatever but this book proves if you believe in yourself then you can conquer anything and everything. It proves if you are into same genders as you show it proudly don't let anyone tell you that your a queer or any other names. Just tell them I know I am and i'm proud of it. That'll be hard to do but don't show them your weak you will be and always be a strong person. Like in the book everyone may judge but they only do it because they are idiots and have no couth. If I were you give this book a try its pretty good I have learned a lot from this book.