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Break - Hannah Moskowitz

This book tells alot of what is going in this young mans head. He goes from just a normal life to where he has to protect his brother from dying. His brother is literally allergic to anything and everything. They have a baby brother that cries from day to night and he never stops until later in the book the main character takes him outside on halloween night. This young man has to break his bones he always have an urge to break toes femers jaw bones anything. His partner video tapes the whole thing and she watches it and tell him that he made a great video. And what is next to break, he soon realizes that he shouldn't do this anymore he is getting tired of being a bargin to his family and friends by always being broken. So he tells everyone he is done breaking when little does he know he has an infection and it is poisoning him slowly. He goes a little nuts after a few months. He gets sent to a syc ward and he has to stay there to prove that he is no harm to himself or others. When everyone finds out why he is there, they start to break. They want to get out so if they break they can go home so thats what they do. Then the main guy gets all the blame that he is forcing them to break. One day he escapes and that day he found out he had an infection.