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The Glass Castle - Jeannette Walls

This book is about a young woman she tells her long life story. She tells us why she's embarrassed by her mother and father. She has a lot to tell about her father she loves him but this man is a little bit crazy. He always wants to move when things get bad. He and his wife don't believe in hospitals like they are useless. They believe children should run free and be themselves. But little did they know they wanted a better life for the whole family but their father would be drinking the money away with booze or doing his "inventions". These kids needed a better life but they make it through. Their mother only cared about her art dreams. She was all up into the art world she never noticed that her children were off diving in the trash cans for food and recyclables so they can get some money for food. These kids have lived in the desert with barely anyone around to Phoenix Arizona filled with people and growing population. They moved to Phoenix Because their Grandma Sue had passed away and their mother inherented one of the houses that her Mother had owned and she got a great sum of money to go along with the house. Thats when things take a twist. Their family started to act like a family and they had food in the fridge and they had bikes and clothes and they had hot lunches when they got to school. But everything is slowly but surely going to what it was before no food no money nothing. And on the run again.