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Perfect - Ellen Hopkins

So far this book is great. Its confusing sometimes but you can get back to the spot your supposed to be. I suggest you should read this book. There are different stories that explain each other. There are four different characters in this book. There is Cara, Sean, Kendra, and Andre. Cara has a twin that is in a detention center for shooting himself. She is also dating Sean they were perfect together but nothing can be perfect. Kendra she is a pageant queen. Her step father has been paying for Kendra's plastic surgery so she can be perfect but she doesn't know that as hard as she tries to be perfect she will soon realize it was a major mistake to be starving herself to be a model. Sean he is a baseball player for his high school he soon takes steroids and viagra. He and Cara have been together for a long time and then all of a sudden nothing is perfect to him or Cara. Andre is a colored man but he doesn't care about what people think of him. He has a passon for dancing his uncle does not know about he's nephew dances. Andre eventually meets Kendra's sister in Andre's mothers plastic surgery office. She was waiting for Kendra and her mother to come out from the back room. Andre and this girl ends up getting together.